Welcome from the Senior Vice President

The Enterprise Data and Analytics (EDA) Division at Meharry Medical College reflects the College’s ongoing expansion and data-centric vision for the future. Our mission is to deliver trusted data and analytics at speed and scale for operational advantage and increased efficiency in Meharry’s clinical, research, academic and business enterprises.

Meharry’s leader for data services

The Meharry 2026 Sesquicentennial Strategic Plan provides the roadmap for transforming the College so that it will thrive in the coming decades. Data collection, management and analytics are key to achieving that goal.

As Meharry modernizes and expands its medical and dental clinical programs, there will be an increasing emphasis on data collection and analytics. The same is true for the College’s growing research enterprise in both basic and translational research.

The EDA proudly embraces serving the lead role of all data management, stewardship and business intelligence in Meharry’s clinical, research, academic and business enterprises. Our vision is that by 2026, Meharry will emerge as a data-centric organization that collects, stores, analyzes, governs and stewards data to drive optimal outcomes for the entire enterprise.

What we offer

We have carefully developed a data ecosystem, with first-class resources, that is ideal for applying advanced data visualization and big data analytics tools for research and development. A high-performance, on-premise and on-cloud, supercomputing network powers our analytics tools and provides data storage and access.

We also provide access to national clinical data resources like PCORI, Social Determinants of Health Data, and the National Cohort COVID Collaborative. Our unique dataset, developed from the Meharry Health System, ingests and integrates data from multiple, disparate sources such as electronic health records, in-silico biology, genomic technologies, medical devices, biosensors, social and environmental exposure, and financial data.

Serving the business community

Our resources and data services also extend beyond the Meharry campus. We serve as a consulting partner for health care, IT, data centers and other organizations, helping them develop data-driven approaches to drive their strategic planning. We currently partner with the National Patient-Centered Clinical Research Network, the CDC, and other organizations. Please contact us at eda@meharry.edu to start a conversation about your data needs.


Fortune S. Mhlanga 
Dean, School of Applied Computational Sciences
Senior Vice President for Enterprise Data and Analytics