ABC AV install feature

EDA AV install part of ongoing technology services for ABC

The Enterprise Data and Analytics Division recently completed an extensive audio-visual install for American Baptist College. The work is part of services for the College’s grant from the Connecting Minority Communities pilot program, managed by the Department of Commerce National Telecommunications and Information Administration.

Ed Wisdom III MBA

“American Baptist College was in need of overhauling the AV suite of tools and technologies for conferencing and collaboration, not just from a teaching and learning perspective, but also from a senior management, executive board presentation point of view,” says Ed Wisdom III, associate vice president, data infrastructure and business intelligence and analytics.

Ahmad Kheder

Ahmad Kheder, system administrator, served as project manager for the AV install. The project included 13 smart displays.

“The equipment will be used to support classroom teaching, virtual meetings, and as a way to display a unified stream in several locations,” explains Kheder.

“It transforms the experience to something the American Baptist College community, students, faculty, staff and external stakeholders have never experience before,” adds Wisdom.

The AV equipment was purchased through RJ Young. Wisdom participated in a webinar with RJ Young that discusses the project.

The American Baptist College Connecting Minority Communities Pilot Program project aims to improve ABC’s technological capabilities, identify the “Digital Deserts” in a 15-mile radius of the college, aid those communities, and improve the technological services provided to students at ABC and to many others in the surrounding area.

This AV install is just one example of the EDA’s commitment to helping ABC meet the goals of those projects. The division is also providing expertise in data, analytics, cloud computing, cybersecurity and network infrastructure.

“We wanted to put in front of the community leading edge technology that will help grow and transform people who have not had a chance to use those technologies,” explains Wisdom.

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