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EDA PowerBI tutorial supports ABC’s data-driven initiative

The EDA recently led a PowerBI training for the senior management team at American Baptist College. The session is part of services for the American Baptist College’s grant from Connecting Minority Communities pilot program, managed by the Department of Commerce National Telecommunications and Information Administration.

Ezhili Govindaraju

The training was led by Ezhili Govindaraju, data analyst.

“The training supports ABC’s data-driven initiative,” says Govindaraju. “They can now easily visualize a finance report and other important data to improve strategic planning.”

The American Baptist College Connecting Minority Communities Pilot Program project aims to improve ABC’s technological capabilities, identify the “Digital Deserts” in a 15-mile radius of the college, aid those communities, and improve the technological services provided to students at ABC and to many others in the surrounding area.

The PowerBI training is an example of services intended to improve the technical skills in the community surrounding ABC.

Ed Wisdom III MBA

ABC, with implementation support from the EDA, has created a community lab that will provide computing resources and training sessions to use them.

“We will lead sessions on coding in Python, mySQL and Azure so that people in the ABC community will gain employable skills,” says Ed Wisdom III, associate vice president, data infrastructure and business intelligence and analytics.

“It is a joy to contribute to such a meaningful project,” adds Govindaraju.

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