Our data analytics and other data services our helping improve clinical outcomes research, address health disparities and advancing Meharry’s mission to be a leader in data-driven, health equity-focused research. The following is a growing list of projects that are currently underway. 

Patient-Centered Outcome Research Institute – Clinical Data Research Network 

We received a grant from PCORnet to create a large, highly representative national network for conducting health research and clinical outcomes research.  

PCORnet® R-1306-04869 (PI: Rothman, Russell)  
Rajbir Singh (Site: PI), Ashutosh Singhal (Site Co-I) 


CDC: Center for Disease Control and Prevention

CDC OT 2103 

The CDC-0T21-2103 is a national initiative to address COVID-19 health disparities among populations at high-risk and underserved, including racial and ethnic minority populations and rural communities. Our team is working to increase and improve data collection and reporting for populations experiencing a disproportionate burden of COVID-19 infection, severe illness, and death to guide the response to the COVID-19 pandemic. We are building, leveraging, and expanding infrastructure support for COVID-19 prevention and control among populations that are at higher risk and underserved. 

Fortune Mhlanga (PD/PI); Ashutosh Singhal (Co-PI) 

HRSA: Health Resources and Services Administration 

In 2022, the HRSA approved a $1 million grant for a high-performance computing cluster at Meharry School of Applied Computational Sciences. We are purchasing the equipment and performing the construction to provide a supercomputer cluster for the school. 

Fortune Mhlanga (PD/PI); Ashutosh Singhal (Co-PI) 

NSF-Major Research Instrument grant 

Meharry Medical College received an NSF-Major Research Instrument grant to acquire a high-performance computing system to support research and training in computational biology and data science. We are building the system for the College that will provide significant computational support for high throughput research and advanced knowledge in computational biology and data science. 

PI: Aize Cao; Sr. Key Personnel: Ashutosh Singhal 

The RCMI Program in Health Disparities at Meharry Medical College – Supplement 

The RCMI grant administrative supplement intends to help the data scientists at Meharry School of Applied Computational Sciences understand and address the computing needs of the RCMI (Research Centers in Minority Institutions) researchers at Meharry. The EDA is supporting their important work by enabling efforts to create and deliver data sets, platforms, research collaboration, and targeted educational modules. We are helping those RCMI investigators assess and analyze big health sciences data that will enhance the overall productivity of the RCMI program as well as contribute to addressing health disparities.  

PI: Adunyah, Samual; Wang, Qingguo; Co-PI: Ashutosh Singhal (Member of task force)