Clinical Data Resources

The EDA’s clinical data resources provide data that will lead to meaningful insight for academics and researchers in the clinical, health care, pharmaceutical, biomedical or related industry. Our partners can access data that represents populations that are often underrepresented in clinical datasets. We also provide access to leading national clinical datasets like PCORnet and the National COVID Cohort Collaborative.

Meharry data ecosystem

The EDA hosts Meharry’s technology-driven data ecosystem and its rich dataset on a cloud and high-performance supercomputing network. Developed from the Meharry Health System, it is a diverse dataset featuring underrepresented populations. We ingest and integrate data from multiple, disparate sources such as electronic health records, in-silico biology, genomic technologies, medical devices, biosensors, social and environmental exposure, and financial data.

The following clinical datasets are also available upon request.


PCORnet is a national resource where health data, research expertise, and patient insights are available to deliver fast, trustworthy answers that advance health outcomes. PCORnet research ecosystem offers a fully integrated network where vast, highly representative health data, research expertise, and patient insights are built-in and accessible.

PCORnet represents data from everyday encounters with more than 30 million people annually across the U.S.

Data is the backbone of PCORnet, and the scale, quality, and security of PCORnet-accessible data is a differentiator for the Network. PCORnet Network Partners perform rigorous work upfront that enables users to ask the same question to millions of people across the United States simultaneously, with fast answers delivered in a single, standardized format.

Data accessible via the PCORnet distributed network draw from millions of electronic health records (EHRs) with growing links to patient-reported and payor data to create a powerful, standard data set that facilitates large-scale, multi-site research.

Please reach out to Dr. Ashutosh Singhal (PCORnet Lead Investigator) at for the front-door query to access the data.

National Cohort COVID Collaborative

The National COVID Cohort Collaborative (N3C) maintains one of the largest collections of clinical data related to COVID-19 symptoms and patient outcomes in the United States. With stewardship from NCATS, more than 70 institutions worked together to build this extensive database.

Enterprise Data and Analytics can access N3C through the Institutional Data Use Agreement (DUA) with the National Center for Advancing Translational Sciences (NCATS) can access data from The NCATS National COVID Cohort Collaboration(N3C).

Cohort Discovery Tool

We offer a self-service analytics platform, DISCOVER, that you can use to explore, prepare and visualize the Meharry Electronic Health Record with no coding experience or prior approval from IRB. 

You can use the Cohort Discovery Tool to find out how many Meharry patients match a particular clinical phenotype and other information about this set of patients. Only de-identified, aggregated, approximate results are provided so this tool can be used in the preparatory to research phase. For example, you might determine whether there are enough patients of particular inclusion/exclusion criteria to justify a particular study. The Cohort Discovery Tool can also be used to develop a hypothesis and prepare a study for IRB application.