Cloud Computing Resources

Our cloud computing resources will empower your great ideas with the resources you need for success. We use data lake cloud infrastructure to collect, prepare and curate data that can then be pulled and applied for your needs.

Our cloud computing resources use the following Azure cloud services.

Azure Data Factory, Azure’s cloud ETL service for scale-out serverless data integration and data transformation. It offers a code-free UI for intuitive authoring and single-pane-of-glass monitoring and management.

Azure Machine Learning, a cloud service for accelerating and managing the machine learning project lifecycle. Machine learning professionals, data scientists, and engineers can use it in their day-to-day workflows: Train and deploy models, and manage MLOps.

Azure SQL Managed Instance, Azure SQL Managed Instance is the intelligent, scalable cloud database service that combines the broadest SQL Server database engine compatibility with all the benefits of a fully managed and evergreen platform as a service.