Process for requesting data services

The Meharry Enterprise Data and Analytics Division looks forward to supporting our Meharry colleagues on the data needs for their research. Please understand our data services may likely require expenses for data requests as well as any consulting, reporting and analysis of that data.

Therefore, we ask our colleagues to follow the following policy when requesting data services.

  1. Please contact us as you begin to plan your research project. Our data stewardship liaison will follow up to have an initial consultation meeting, creating a project plan, management of data and regulatory compliance, and an estimate of usage and budget for your project for your approval.
  2. For all requests requiring IRB approval documentation (protocol and approval letter), please ensure that your research protocol includes details on all data elements you plan to access. You should be aware that sometimes IRB protocol may need protocol amendments.
  3. Based on the service there may be cost associated with service request. That will be part of the budget discussion with our data stewardship liaison.
  4. Data extraction services is expected to be a collaborative effort, where we participate in developing a plan that is best suited to address your biological question and adapt and update the plan according to the needs of the project.
    Please appreciate the contribution of data science core appropriately in any publications, presentations or grant application as per the NIH or other funding body guidelines. We can assist with manuscript and grant preparation and how to cite the data resources.

For any question or queries please contact: Dr. Ashutosh Singhal, AVP clinical data stewardship at