Data Analytics and Business Intelligence

Discover strategic solutions from data

The EDA provides custom data analytics and business intelligence services to meet the needs of our partners. We will work with you to understand your data goals, and then collect, curate and prepare data to provide models that help you meet your research or business needs. Your project will be powered by our cloud computing or high-performance computing infrastructure, depending on which best fits the analytical and visualization needs of your work.

Possible deliverables could include

  • Building custom tools and applications to help you make evidence-based decisions.
  • Data collection, preparation and analysis.
  • Consulting on how our resources and analytics tools can best address your data needs.

Our data analytics services can help solve challenges in any industry. Possibilities include:

  • Predicting the outcomes of competing policy choices.
  • Traffic data assessment for improved transportation management.
  • Fraud detection.
  • Early health risk detection for patients.
  • Assessing customer data for more effective marketing plans.
  • Modeling future demand to improve business planning.

Like all good partnerships, our data analytics services start with a conversation. Please contact us to discuss your data needs.