Cohort Discovery Confidentiality Agreement

Cohort Discovery
Meharry Medical College

As a user of the Meharry Cohort Discovery system, I hereby acknowledge that I received instruction in the proper use of this system. I understand that access and use to this system is strictly related to my official duties and role at MMC. I will only access the minimum necessary information to satisfy my job role or need of data.

I understand that my user ID is recorded when I access electronic records and that I am the only one authorized to use my user ID.
I agree not to share my password with any other individual or allow any other individual to use the system once I have accessed it. I understand that I may have my password changed at any time by the system administrator.

MMC performs audits and reviews records to identify inappropriate access. I understand if I access, use or disclose information inappropriately, this will be reported to state and federal agencies, as required by law. Additionally, state agencies may impose personal fines or penalties to individuals who inappropriately access or release identifiable information.

As an employee of the MMC, I acknowledge that I am subject to corrective action up to and including dismissal as a result of violating the MMC’s privacy or security policies. If I have reason to believe the confidentiality and security of my password have been compromised or I suspect a breach of identifiable data, I will immediately report this information to the system administrator and my supervisor.

I understand I am responsible for keeping my security code (password) secure and confidential.