EDA Team

The Enterprise Data Analytics team provides core data technologies with strong ties to application areas across the campus.  

Senior Vice President’s Office

Fortune S. Mhlanga, Ph.D.

Senior Vice President for Enterprise Data and Analytics

Ashutosh Singhal, Ph.D.

Ashutosh Singhal, Ph.D.

Chief Data Officer and Associate Vice President, Clinical Data Stewardship

Ed Wisdom III MBA

Ed Wisdom III, MBA

Associate Vice President, Data Infrastructure and Business Intelligence & Analytics

Alessandra Jones

Associate Vice President, Business and Finance

Matt Anderson, M.S.

Communications and Digital Marketing

Quaker Manuel, M.S.

Web Developer

Christi M. McClellan

Executive Associate

Data Infrastructure

Uttam Ghosh, Ph.D.

Cybersecurity Specialist

Ahmad Kheder

Ahmad Kheder

System Administrator

Sravan Kopparthi, M.S.

Data Warehouse Specialist and Architect

Chris Quinn

Information Security Specialist

Clinical Data Stewardship

Kirollos Lewis

Clinical Informatics Analyst

Business Intelligence and Analytics

Ezhili Govindaraju

Ezhili Govindaraju, M.S.

Data Analyst